About Us

Our Story…

Know the idiom, get your “Ducks in a Row?” Linda Olatunde, Principal and Executive Director of Yellow DuckPR, knows it all too well. This very phrase was slowly ingrained into Linda since her childhood days. Thanks to her mother, it became the guiding structure in life, education, and in the very name of her marketing business – Yellow DuckPR.

At YDPR we set you on a path. By navigating through the unnecessary clutter, we are able to create structure and align your ducks in a visible row; with a world full of competitors we rigorously work to make sure we infuse your company, organization and mission with individuality and charismatic personality.

We work to make you…YOU!

The Process

Yellow DuckPR believes in understanding the whole picture and taking a holistic approach to your needs.

We do this by becoming an expert in your industry, observe how things work and why it occurs. We are fixed on telling your story to captivate your audience so they will fall in love with your organization. that’s how we operate and that’s how we will set you apart from the flock.

With a grassroots approach at driving innovation to your business, an integration of public relations, marketing and advertisement, along with our 360 bird’s eye view of measurable outcomes, we will lead your company to becoming the next “big thing: locally and nationally in your industry.


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